Michigan Testimonials

I have been to many dermatologists in my lifetime. This one, hands down,

is the best one I have ever been to for my needs. The facility is modern and clean, the staff was super friendly and actually listened to my concerns, and the appointment was short (do not leave you alone in a little room waiting for a doctor for half an hour). I was checked in, brought back to my room, seen by the doctor, had a minor procedure done to remove some milia and was out the door on my way all within about 20-25 minutes. I recommend this office to anyone looking for a fresh take on their Dermatology experience.

Brad Krupkin

I had a serious acute skin problem. I was traveling and needed

care the same day on a Friday afternoon. The Art of Dermatology found a slot for me. I was a little concerned about the name because I was much more interested in the science of dermatology at the time. The doctor and her team were extremely professional. They immediately gained my confidence! They gave excellent care and advice! They used innovative products including the best wound dressing I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. I highly recommend them and wish them continued success.

David Shelton

Every time I am here everyone, including patients, is so pleasant and helpful.

Every time I am here everyone, including patients, is so pleasant and helpful. I love knowing questions will be answered in the best way possible and the environment is so genuinely happy!!! The best place to come for especially if it's your first time with dermatology or had an unpleasant experience prior, they'll either give you the best first or a new beginning to new dermatologists!

Erika Hass

I loved the atmosphere, very friendly employees, they care

about your needs and what you want. Affordable out of pocket prices as well.

Sierra Gldroze

What a fast and effective service! Prior work was assessed

and it had gone well. New work was identified and implemented immediately. My kind of service!

Paul Mueller

From the moment you walk in until you leave,

this office is great! Friendly, knowledgeable staff and on time appointments.

Laraine Larkin

Art of Dermatology is very caring and listened extensively

to what was going on with me and is continuing to do tests to find out the problem and meanwhile giving me medication to help with the problem. It is nice to be heard.

Charlotte Lanctot

Art of Dermatology was able to fit me in faster than I expected

as a new patient. Everyone in the office I encountered was efficient, friendly and helpful. The doctor was able to diagnose the underlying problems to my condition which was never done by my previous provider. I highly recommend Art of Dermatology!

Pat L

I am glad that I found this Dermatologists group.

The doctor I had my appointment with was great and she had solutions for all of my concerns.


From scheduling the appointment, to the front desk staff,

to the woman who assisted the PA in the exam room, to the PA that removed my weird lump. Delightful staff from start to finish. I would like to further investigate some of the elective services offered. 10 stars out of 5!

Wendy Jennings

Professional, knowledgeable, timely, pleasant and the

list goes on. I have used them for several several services and been very happy.

Heidi Hunsicker

Really great experience. Everyone was very welcoming.

Got into the appointment quickly and everything that occurred was explained really well. Very happy.

Christine Masterson

Friendly staff, And the providers have all

been so friendly, and knowledgeable. I've never have a long wait and the care has been excellent.

Zainab Alhachami

Florida Testimonials

I would highly recommend Kera Browne and her team at Art of Dermatology

for anyone seeking top- notch dermatological care. They provided an exceptional level of service demonstrating a commitment to patient well-being and compassionate healthcare.

Hannah Yandel

Im a college student and it's hard finding doctors you can trust

and feel safe around but i just had a meeting with Kera Browne and she was super helpful. Got to it immediately and made me feel comfortable. Her assistant as well was super sweet! I know I'm in good hands.

Kristine Camejo

Wow! What a wonderful experience! I am 34 years old, never had a

skin exam or been to a dermatologist before and I have golfed and or taught golf my entire life so I am out in the sun every day. I was very nervous to get this scan. From the ladies working at the front desk, to Kera who gave my skin exam, and everyone there, they were all so great! Very welcoming, professional and timely! The office is in a very easily accessible location and the office from the outside and inside is gorgeous! I can't say enough about how great this dermatology appointment was. 10/10!

Courtney Figueroa

This was my first visit. Upon my arrival I was greeted professionally.

I filled out my patient forms online so there was no waiting. In the examination room, all of my information was reviewed thoroughly to ensure accuracy My examination was thorough and pleasant. To my shock and dismay the doctor found this thing on the bottom of my foot. The doctor froze it off with something that was very very cold. I made a follow up visit for March 2025.

George Palchus

My husband and I have just found this dermatologist and we

really like it. The staff is friendly easy to get an appointment and very convenient! Check them out!

Bettie Hall

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