Clear and Brilliant Laser



Clear and Brilliant Laser

Clear + Brilliant® System: Designed for patients looking for a simple, smart skincare solution to combat the affects of aging skin and reveal beautiful, glowing skin without resorting to harsh or costly treatments.

Clear + Brilliant is a cost-effective treatment that uses fractional laser technology to address and prevent early symptoms of aging in both men and women with all skin types. The Clear + Brilliant technology is an excellent approach to manage skin issues without undergoing more invasive laser resurfacing procedures. Because the Clear + Brilliant laser is a mild yet effective skincare treatment, patients may anticipate to see better skin tone, smoother texture, and softer, radiant skin.

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What to expect from the procedure


Skin Preparation

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed to remove any makeup, oils, or impurities.


Numbing Cream

Once your skin is squeaky clean, the skincare professional will apply a topical numbing cream to your face.


Performing the Treatment

With your skin now prepared and numbed, it's time for the actual Clear and Brilliant treatment to begin. During this step, the skincare professional uses a specialized handpiece, gently gliding it across your skin's surface. As it moves, the handpiece emits laser energy, creating microscopic treatment zones within the skin.


Post-Treatment Care

After the laser treatment is completed, a cooling mask may be applied to your skin. This mask serves to soothe the skin and reduce any potential redness or swelling that might have occurred during the treatment.


Sun Protection

To wrap up the procedure, your skincare professional will apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your skin. It's an essential step in the post-treatment care routine as it protects your newly treated skin from harmful sun damage.

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Features and Benefits of Clear and Brilliant

1. An effective and non invasive solution to address and help prevent signs of aging.

2. A quick, minimal downtime treatment that can be completed within a “lunch hour”.

3. A smart way to protect your skincare investment.

4. Complements other treatments, such as injectables and fillers.

5. Visible results, including glowing and softer skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Clear + Brilliant laser is gentle and rejuvenates your skin from the inside out. The laser creates small therapeutic zones in the top layers of the skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy tissue, resulting in younger-looking skin.

The Clear + Brilliant Perméa handpiece treatment is designed to improve skin tone and texture while also increasing skin permeability, allowing topical skincare products to provide additional benefits when applied immediately after treatment. This treatment combines parts of your skincare routine to provide comprehensive results.

Each of the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment options has a distinct function. The Clear + Brilliant Perméa laser treatment improves tone and brightness, whereas the original Clear + Brilliant laser treatment is designed to improve skin texture.

Treatment results are both immediate and progressive. A few days after the treatment, your skin will start to feel softer, look brighter, and show a more even tone. With each successive treatment, the results will become more noticeable. Results can last for months depending on your age, skin condition, and skincare and protection regimen.

Clear + Brilliant laser treatments take about 20-30 minutes to complete. We ask that you reserve one hour for your appointment.

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