Diamond Glow



What is the Diamond Glow?

Diamond GlowTM - the game-changing facial treatment that will transform your skin. Our revolutionary treatment uses a specially designed diamond tip applicator to gently exfoliate and deeply clean your skin, leaving it looking and feeling flawless. You can experience this breakthrough treatment at one of our offices. Don't wait, book your appointment today!

The Diamond GlowTM facial treatment will start with a gentle exfoliation using the patented Diamond GlowTM diamond tip handpiece. After the exfoliation, a meticulous extraction process will take place to ensure that all the pores are clear and the skin is free of any build-up or toxins. Finally, your skin will be saturated with nourishing infusion serums, which will restore its shine.

What Does Diamond GlowTM Treat?

1. Fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Dark patches and texture.

3. Dull, clogged pores.

4. Rough, dry spots of skin.

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Can you customize the DiamondGlow Facial?

There are six diamond tips and five serums to suit different skin types and textures. Each serum is designed to target specific skincare concerns.


Skin brightening

This serum contains peptides that promote a smooth, even skin tone and treat hyperpigmentation.


Vitamin C

This serum prevents the symptoms of aging with an antioxidant combination that rejuvenates your skin.


Pore clarifying

An effective treatment for acne-prone skin that thoroughly cleans pores and promotes clearer skin.



Infuse hyaluronic acid into your skin to increase moisture and produce smooth, silky skin.


TNS Advanced+

This serum enhances the tone and texture of your skin while minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Achieve your desired results with a personalized treatment tailored to your specific skin type and cosmetic goals. Our wide range of options offers the flexibility to fully customize your treatment and experience the best possible outcome.

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How does the DiamondGlow work?

Get ready to experience the ultimate skin rejuvenation with DiamondGlow facial! This non-invasive facial and dermabrasion combination treatment will deeply cleanse and renew your skin's appearance. With three highly effective techniques in a single treatment, this skin resurfacing procedure will leave you with a radiant and youthful glow.



Removes dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull.



Deeply cleanses the skin by removing dirt, oil, debris, and impurities from your pores.


Serum infusion

After your skin is resurfaced and cleared of impurities, it's infused with a DiamondGlow serum that hydrates, nourishes, and brightens the skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend 1-2 treatments per month to see continued improvement and glowing results.

No downtime. You can return to your daily activities right after treatment.

You will see instant GLOWING results after one treatment.

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