TCA Peel



TCA Peel

The TCA peel is a modern and versatile version of the traditional chemical peel treatments. It contains trichloroacetic acid, which is a more potent form of the organic acid found in vinegar. The concentration of TCA used in the treatment varies according to the desired outcome. The milder TCA solutions have minimal or no downtime for recovery, while stronger solutions produce quicker results but require some recovery time.

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How does a TCA Peel work?

Chemical peels are a type of treatment that deeply exfoliate the skin and promote cellular renewal. They go beyond just removing debris and also eliminate the thin layer of dry, damaged facial skin. This process helps to dissolve cells that are marred by aging or discoloration and stimulates the production of new, healthy cells to replace them.

This production of new cells leads to the generation of fresh collagen in the body, which is essential for healing and forms new cells. By replacing some of the lost collagen that occurs during the aging process, the skin becomes healthy, full, and supple. Regular chemical peels can help counteract some of the effects of normal aging by maintaining optimal collagen levels.

How long will a TCA Peel improve my skin?

A TCA peel will rejuvenate your complexion, giving it a smoother texture and a more youthful, fresh appearance. It can also be used selectively to remove discolored or scarred skin and treat acne.

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Step by step TCA CROSS instructions


Skin Cleansing

Cleanse the skin with a deep cleanser.


Solution Application

Apply Peel Prep Solution B to defatt and slightly numb the skin.


TCA Solution Soaking

Soak toothpick in TCA solution for a 30 seconds - 1 minute.


Scar Treatment Application

Apply solution to the interior only, of the depressed scar by applying firm “pokes” into the scar tissue with the toothpick.

TCA peels treat a wide range of skin conditions, including:


Sun damage


Areas of rough, leathery skin




Excessive freckling


Darkened patches of skin from melasma


Reddened, rough, or bumpy skin from rosacea


Broken blood vessels


Spider veins


Acne and acne scars

The TCA peel is not just limited to facial skin rejuvenation. It can also be effectively used to refresh, smooth and brighten other body areas such as the neck, chest, and hands. Its versatility makes it the top choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive solution to improve the quality of their skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recovering from a TCA peel can take as little as 48 hours for mild treatments or up to seven days for stronger treatments.

The treatment is about 15 - 20 minutes long.

After your TCA peel, your skin will be susceptible to UV damage (from sun exposure) for a few weeks. You should, therefore, stay indoors as much as possible and use both a high-SPF sunscreen and a hat to protect your face when you go outside. You should also avoid the use of cosmetics, acne creams, and other topical medications for at least two weeks after your peel.

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